Minutes of Meeting No. 11 19th February 2024

St. Andrew’s Kirk, Glass

Trust Members

Minutes of Meeting No. 11, 19th February 2024

at Glebe House and Glass Kirk


Ted Andrews (EAA)

Marc Day (MBD)

Jack Ingleby (JI)

Mike Taitt (MPT) retiring.

Bob Yuill (BY)

  1. The minutes of the 10th meeting held on 29th January 2024 were approved.

Matters arising: There were no matters arising.

  1. EAA presented the treasurer’s report together with a cash flow forecast for the next 3 months. This forecast indicates that the trust is able to meet its commitments for the period. The subject of insurance for the church was discussed and MBD raised the possibility of funding for such running costs and it was agreed that this potential would be investigated for future premiums.

The changeover of electrical suppliers from SSE to EDF is underway and should reduce the standing charges payable on both metered supplies considerably, however the changeover was still ongoing but no final bill from SSE had been received. EAA explained that the smart meter installed recently was not smart and readings would still need to be given to the supplier.

  1. JI and RY were welcomed as the new trustees

  1. EAA reported that the flooring in the old vestry had been completed and that it remained to apply for a completion certificate from the council.

In order to make the new trustees aware of maintenance issues, there followed discussion around what further work might be needed to maintain the viability of the building and the need to have regular assessments of the structure to identify any potential problems. It was agreed the MBD would organise this with a view to doing planned work during the summer months. It was noted that the work to refurbish windows was going ahead and was likely to take 2 months to complete.

The trustees discussed various forms of fund raising and BY introduced the idea of exploiting the connection between Glass and its historical associations with Chicago through the life and works of Alexander Geddes, the builder of Blairmore House and many of the buildings local to Glass. BY agreed to look into this further.

The idea of a sponsored Fun Run starting and finishing at the church had been suggested by James Wordie in memory of his mother. This was felt to be something which the church should support and help with. MBD agreed to take it forward and to help with making it happen.

  1. MPT was thanked for his service as a trustee on his retirement from the post.

  1. Any Other Business: None was raised.

  1. It was agreed that the next meeting should be held when progress had been made and it was felt that this would probably be around July on a date to be announced.

  1. There being no further business, the meeting was closed and the trustees moved to the church to familiarise themselves with work as completed.